Toronto Blue Jays

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Toronto Blue Jays

This is the most complete record book ever written about the Toronto Blue Jays. It is the only one which includes every season and career record of every player in Blue Jay history, from 1977 to the present.

Typical record books eliminate old records when new ones are established but this book never eliminates a record. Instead, they are simply added to existing chronology lists so that no players or their records are ever forgotten and the history of Blue Jay records is forever preserved.

This book is certain to stimulate fan interest because it presents four never before seen features. First there are the chronology lists which begin in the club’s very first year of play. These lists include every original “Record Setter,” and every subsequent “Record Breaker.” Since the lists are properly dated, it is easy to see how long each record lasted before being broken and who broke whose record.

The chronology lists make it easy to count the exact number of records created by each player which shows up at the end of each chapter on the second never before seen feature which are the “Record Holders Lists.” Now for the first time, it will be learned which players have established the most records in batting, pitching, and fielding.

The third new feature includes the individual player’s “Record Profile.” The team’s greatest players are honored by having a composite of their records clearly listed in their individual profiles. Now it is not necessary to read the entire book to see a player’s total achievements. Did you know that Carlos Delgado has 33 club records?

The final feature are the player’s individual “Claims to Fame Profiles.” This is an extension of the “Record Profile,” but also includes every feat accomplished by a player which has made him famous. Did you know that Carlos Delgado has 55 claims to fame so far?

The book also includes ever rookie record in batting, pitching, and fielding and every season and career record of every manager in the club’s history.


The book also includes ever rookie record in batting, pitching, and fielding and every season and career record of every manager in the club’s history.


Ron Fairly
John Mayberry
John Mayberry
Jesse Barfield
George Bell


The above chronology list shows that Ron Fairly was the club’s first home-run champion in 1977 when he hit 19 round trippers. His record was broken the following year by John Mayberry, who belted 22 home runs. Mayberry then became the first two-time record breaker in home runs when he broke his own record in 1980.

Mayberry’s record would stand for six years before the hard-hitting Jesse Barfield would reach the seats 40 times in 1986. But his fine effort would be short-lived as George Bell earned a claim to fame by connecting 47 times in 1987 to become the club’s all-time leader in home runs.

Thus we have the complete history of the Blue Jays home runs records, from the first to the last and everyone in between. Nothing could be more complete and easy to read. The entire book is written using this chronology concept in every category of season and career batting, pitching, and fielding. Now everything you ever wanted to know about Blue Jay records are at your fingertips.


The Blue Jays were an expansion team in 1977. Roy Hartsfield was their first manager and as expected, the newly formed club ended up in last place many times during the building process. Amazingly, it would only take five years before they would climb out of the cellar and into fourth place under the leadership of the great Bobby Cox. Cox would also lead them to their first Division Title in 1985. In nine short years, the Blue Jays would be Division winners.

The club would experience even greater success under the brilliant managing of Cito Gaston. Gaston would be mainly responsible for leading the team to four Division Titles between 1989 and 1993. During that time he would bring the team to two pennants and two World Series Championships. This marked one of the greatest rises from last place to first place and to World Series Champions than any expansion team in baseball history.

The Blue Jays have had their ups and downs since 1993 but they have always been a strong competitive team and will continue to be in the future as we see with their strong showing during the 2015 season.