San Diego Padres

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San Diego Padres

This is the most complete record book ever written about the San Diego Padres. It is the only one which includes every season and career record of every player in the club’s history dating back to their first year of play in 1969.

Typical record books eliminate old records when new ones are established, but this book simply adds each new record to existing chronology lists. In this way no players or their records will ever be forgotten and the history of Padres records will be preserved forever.

This book offers four never-before-seen features which are certain to stimulate fan interest. First are the chronology lists which begin with the very first “Record Setters” in the team’s first year of play (1969) and include every “Record Breaker” up to the present time. The lists also show how many years each record lasted before broken.

The second feature is the new developed “Record Holders List.” Records are now easy to count so now for the first time we learn how many records each player has; this list appears at the end of each chapter.

The third new feature is the introduction of the individual player’s “Record Profile.” The team’s greatest players are honored by having all their records put into one complete and easy-to-read profile. One can find out how many records a player has created all in one convenient section. Did you know that Tony Gwynn has 60 club records?

The final feature is the individual player’s “Claims to Fame Profile.” This is an extension of the “Record Profile,” but also includes every feat accomplished by a player that has made him famous such as getting 3000 hits, 500 home runs, or winning 300 games. Did you know that Tony Gwynn has 113 claims to fame?

All records are presented in batting, pitching, and fielding and include rookie and manager records.


Perhaps the best way to fully understand the chronology lists is to use the following example of the season home run records.


Nate Colbert
Nate Colbert
Nate Colbert
Ken Caminiti
Greg Vaughn


This chronology list shows that Nate Colbert was the club’s first home run champion in 1969 when he hit 24. He then broke his own record in 1970 by hitting 38 and tied his own record in 1972. Colbert’s record would last for 24 years before broken by Ken Caminiti, who blasted 40 home runs in 1996. Greg Vaughn would become the new home run champion in 1998 when he reached the seats 50 times. His record still stands today.

Thus we have seen the entire history of the club’s home run records. Nothing could be more complete, easy to read and easy to understand. This format is used in every category of batting, pitching, and fielding. Therefore, every record of every player is permanently recorded.


The Padres were formed in 1969 as an expansion team. Like most expansion teams they struggled in the early years and finished last for six years in a row.

Their first manager was Preston Gomez, who had the patience of a saint. He endured the club struggles for four years before turning the reins over to John McNamara in 1974. “Mac” lifted the club out of the cellar for the first time in 1975 and there was steady improvement for most of the years that followed.

In 1978, manager Roger Craig led the team to 84 victories as the team went over the .500 mark for the first time. Dick Williams was the new manager in 1982 and he got the club up to 91 wins in 1984, bringing them their first pennant but losing the World Series.

The Padres would not win another pennant until 1998 when Bruce Bochy led the way. Still, Bochy also failed to bring the club its first World Championship. Bochy also won a Division Title in 1996 but could not make it through the League Championship Series. He is the club’s longest-reining manager, completing his tenth season in 2004. It was a year in which the team was in contention right up to the very last week of the season.