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Los Angeles Angels

The first thing we learn about creating records is that it does not necessarily follow that the players with the most records are the team’s greatest players. The original players had an advantage in establishing records because none stood before them; they were the record starters. The key here is that great players create records which stand the test of time. Therefore we must look for records of quality and longevity rather than just the mere number of records.

The Angels Season Batting Record Holders List shows that Albie Pearson, a member of the original Angel’s team, is the top record setter with an even dozen mark. Obviously he was not as good as some of the other players who would follow him on Angel’s teams. This is why it is always important to investigate more than one avenue of stats before a player’s greatness is determined.

Certainly little Albie Pearson was a fine major league player. He was one of the best of the original Angels and should be recognized as such. During his time he earned honors for being the club leader in games, singles, runs, bases on balls, was a three-time stolen base champion and the first leader in batting average and the first on the team to hit over .300 in one season.

Ken Hunt also did some outstanding work in the pioneer days of the Angels when they had their budding wings. Ken shows up second on the list with eight marks. He can be proud of setting records in games, at bats, doubles, triples, RBI’s, extra base hits and total bases. His only negative record was in strikeouts which he tallied just one time.

They called him “Daddy Wags.” Leon Wagner was the club’s first slugger and he set the first records in the power hitting departments. It was almost impossible to keep him out of the line up as he tied a club record in 1962 appearing in 160 games. He set the standard in home runs with 28 and was the first Angel to drive in more than 100 runs. He also established records in extra base hits and total bases.

Sandy Alomar, Don Baylor, Darin Erstad and Troy Glaus are tied with five records each. Alomar was superb in playing in all 162 games two years in a row. He is presently the club leader in at bats with 689.

Don Baylor had a sensational year in 1979 when he posted new records in runs, RBI’s, games, extra base hits and total bases. To this day, no Angel has driven in more runs in one season. Baylor’s record is now unbroken in 36 years. He became the first Angel to win the MVP award.

Hall of Famers Reggie Jackson and Rod Carew also starred during their short stay with the club. Darin Erstad and Troy Glaus had sensational years in 2000 and were super stars during the Angel’s 2002 World Series victory.



1. This outstanding Angel player established more season batting records than anyone else. Can you name him?

2. Who was the team’s first home run champion and who is the present king?

3. Can you name the speedster who is the club leader in triples?

4. No Angel player has ever stolen more than 70 bases. Do you remember this stolen base champion?

5. Which Angel player holds the oldest unbroken record?