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Houston Astros

This is the most complete record book ever written about the Houston Astros because it is the only one which includes every season and career record of every player in the club’s history, beginning in the first year of their franchise (1962) to the present.

Typical record books eliminate old records when new ones are created, but this book simply adds them to existing chronology lists. In this way, no players or their records will ever be forgotten and the history of club records will forever be preserved.

This book is certain to stimulate fan interest because it offers four never before seen features. First are the chronology lists, which begin with the club’s original “Record Setters” in 1962 and include every subsequent “Record Breaker” to the present. These lists make it easy to count the exact number of records established by every player, so we now learn which players have the most records. This information is found at the end of each chapter on the newly developed “Record Holders List,” which is the second new feature. Do you know which players have the most records in batting, pitching, and fielding?

The third new feature are the individual players’ “Record Profiles.” The team’s greatest players are honored by having their records placed in one complete, easy-to-read profile. Did you know that Jeff Bagwell has 54 club records?

The final feature are the individual players’ “Claims to Fame Profiles.” This is an extension of the “Record Profile,” but also includes every feat accomplished by a player which has made him famous such as winning the MVP, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young, as well as Batting Titles Won, selection for the All-Star Team and Induction into the Hall of Fame. Did you know that Jeff Bagwell has 77 claims to fame?

The book also includes rookies and managers records, plus much much more. Now everything you ever wanted to know about Astros records are right at your finger tips.


Perhaps the best way of understanding the chronology lists is to use the club’s season home run record as an example.


Roman Mejias
Jimmy Wynn
Jeff Bagwell
Jeff Bagwell
Jeff Bagwell


The chronology list reveals that Roman Mejias was the club’s first home run champion in 1962 when he blasted 24 home runs. His record lasted for five years before broken by Jimmy Wynn’s 37 round trippers. Wynn’s mark stood for 27 years before broken by Jeff Bagwell, who reached the seats 39 times in 1994. Bagwell would become the only player in Astros’ history to become a three-time record breaker. The bold print indicates the present record holder.

Thus we have the complete history of the Astros season home run record, from the first to the present. Nothing could be more simple, complete and easy to read. This is true and accurate record keeping. The entire book uses this concept and includes every season and career record in batting, pitching, and fielding.


When the team was formed in 1962, they were called the Houston Colts .45’s. Their name was changed to the Astros in 1965.

Harry Craft was their first manager and began building and improving the team from 1962 to 1965. To date, the club has had 16 managers and the Astros have become more and more competitive year after year.

After the original team won 64 games in 1962, they improved to 72 wins in 1966 under the leadership of Grady Hatton. In 1969, with Harry Walker at the helm, the team won 81 games and reached the .500 mark for the first time. After Walker’s success, the Astros had five managers who turned in winning percentages over .500. Leo Durocher’s teams won at a .507 clip, Bill Virdon averaged .510, Bob Lillis was at .514, Hal Lanier was at a successful .523 percent, and Larry Dierker is the club leader at .556.

Bill Virdon led the 1980 team to a Division Title, the club’s first; Hal Lanier duplicated this feat in 1986. Since then Larry Dierker has won four Division Titles but was unable to bring home a pennant.

After Harry Walker’s 81 wins in 1969, Leo Durocher’s 1973 team won 82 games. Bill Virdon’s gang won 89 in 1979 before winning their Division Title in 1980 with a new club record of 93 wins. This record now rests at 102, a feat performed by Larry Dierker in 1998.

The Astros have been very competitive since going over the .500 mark in 1969; this is an exceptional feat for an expansion team. The club excited the baseball world in 2004 when they won the Wild Card and missed winning the division by just one gam.