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Colorado Rockies

This is the most complete record book ever written about the Colorado Rockies because it places every season and career record in batting, pitching and fielding in chronological order from the team’s first year of play in 1993 to the present.

Typical record books eliminate old records when new ones are created but this book never eliminates records. Instead, all new records are simply added to existing chronology lists so that no players or their records are ever forgotten and the history of records is forever preserved.

Four never before seen features are presented. First are the chronology lists which list the original “Record Setters” and every subsequent “Record Breaker.” These lists give the entire history of every record category, shows how long each record lasted before broken, who broke whose records and all unbroken records.

The second feature is the “Record Holders Lists” which are seen at the end of each chapter honoring the most productive record producers.

The third feature is the “Record Profiles” which totals the records in each chapter and places them into one file. This honors and gives recognition to the team’s greatest players.

The fourth never before seen feature are the “Composite Record Holders Lists.” This is a compilation of every season and career record of every player in Rockies history. Two lists are presented, one for players and one for pitchers. The lists begin with the player and pitcher with the most records and ends with those with the fewest. Now for the first time, it will be learned exactly how many records each player has created. This information was never before available.

The best way to fully understand and see the value of chronology record lists is to use the season home run record as a sample. It looks like this:


Charlie Hayes
Andres Galarraga
Dante Bichette
Andres Galarraga
Larry Walker
Todd Helton



The above list is the complete history of the season home run record. It shows that Charlie Hayes was the first home run champion in 1993 by blasting 25 home runs.

Hayes’ record only lasted one year when Andres Galarraga reached the seats 31 times in 1994. Dante Bichette became the new champion in 1995 when he went long 40 times but just one year later, Galarraga recaptured the title in 1996 by sending 47 screaming line drives out of the park, thus becoming the first and only two-time home run record breaker.

Larry Walker thrilled Rockies fans in 1997 by belting 49 round trippers and Todd Helton tied him in 2001. The records of Walker and Helton have never been broken.

This entire book is written using this now famous “Chronology Concept” method of record keeping. This is record keeping at its best. Nothing could be more complete and easy to understand. Now everything you ever wanted to know about Rockies records will be at your fingertips.


Don Baylor was given the job of managing the Rockies in their first year of play in 1993. He did a respectable job by winning 67 games and finishing sixth. He moved the team into third place in 1994 and into second place in 1995.

Baylor continued to improve the team in 1996 and 1997 winning 83 games each year but they still finished in third place.

Jim Leyland took over the club in 1999 but had a losing season and was replaced by Buddy Bell in 2000. Bell struggled for two plus years and the job was given to Clint Hurdle in 2002. Hurdle did a fine job for eight years and won the pennant in 2007 but lost to the Red Sox in the World Series. After losing the Division Series in 2009 he was replaced by Jim Treacy who kept the team competitive through the 2012 season but could not get into the playoffs.

The job went to Walt Weiss in 2013 and the Rockies finished fifth and fourth in 2014. Weiss is still on the job in 2015.

For an expansion team, the Rockies have done very well. In their 21 years of play they came in second twice, third five times, won one pennant and appeared in 3 playoffs. This is much better than most expansion teams and the Rockies continue to be competitive to this day.