Arizona Diamondbacks

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Arizona Diamondbacks

This is the most complete record book ever written about the Arizona Diamondbacks. It includes every season and career record of every player in Arizona history in batting, pitching, and fielding.

Typical record books eliminate old records when new ones are created but this book never eliminates a record. Instead, it adds each new record to existing chronology lists so that no players or their records are ever forgotten. This is the truest form of record keeping and team records may be preserved forever.

This book is certain to stimulate fan interest because it offers three never-before-seen features. The first of which are the “Chronology lists,” which begin in the club’s first year of play and continues to the present. These lists show the original “Record Setters,” and every subsequent “Record Breaker” that follows. Each record is dated so that it is easy to see how long each record lasted before being broken and who broke whose record.

The second feature are the “Record Holders Lists,” which appear at the end of each chapter. These lists reveal the total number of records established by each player so readers can learn which players have created the most records.

The third new feature includes the individual player’s “Record Profiles.” These profiles show the total number of records created by the team’s greatest players. A specific column labeled YLBB tells how many years a record lasted before broken and a final column reveals the name of the record breaker. Did you know that Luis Gonzalez has 66 club records?

The book also includes rookie records in batting, pitching, and fielding. The last chapter reveals all season and career records of Arizona managers.

This book is the Arizona records bible and will be updated every few years as new records simply are added to the existing chronology lists. Now everything you ever wanted to know about Diamondback records will always be at your fingertips.


The Arizona Diamondbacks were an expansion team in 1998. Their first manager was Buck Showalter, who made baseball history by leading the team to a Division Title in 1999, marking the fastest title winner of all expansion teams.

The second manager was Bob Brenly, who also made history in 2001 by becoming the only manager of an expansion team to win a Division Title, a Division Series, a Championship Series, a Pennant, and a World Series in the quickest time, just four years! Brenly also led the team to its second consecutive Division Title in 2002, and the team has been competitive ever since.